About Us


I started creating my angels over 10 years ago when a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. I saw the pain and heartache she went through and I was always thinking of ways to make her laugh even for a moment. So….I was walking my dog one day I noticed this rock. It was no ordinary rock to me. The more I looked at it, I could see eyes, nose, a mouth and wild hair! I picked it up and started searching for more. The next few weeks I had 60 rocks, google eyes, nose and hair. I would pick a rock and imagine what color of hair and eyes they would have. It was then I saw the rock turn into an Angel for my friend. Then I wanted something to keep my Angels safe. So….I thought about a heart shaped house with a window. I looked and looked and finally found the perfect one. Then I wanted them to have a blanket to keep them warm. I gave this Angel to my friend, she kept laughing and smiling, thanking me over and over for doing this for her. Over time, I wound up making Angels for a few of my family members and others who were suffering with cancer. I donated them to a nearby cancer facility. Today, I’m making Angels once again but this time they are called Happy Angels and they’re for everyone. I always wondered who got my Angels and what they thought so I set up a forum on this site so people can share their Angel experience. If you would like to share please go here to register and here tell us your story.

P.S. If you find your Angel, it is YOUR Angel to find!

: ) Remember, there are no coincidences.