I Found My Angel!

I am thrilled you found your Happy Angel! I say “your” Happy Angel because it was made specifically for you. Remember, there are coincidences when it comes to finding your Happy Angel. I hope this little angel brings you as much joy as I felt while creating it for you.

I would love to hear how you met your special angel. Did your heart go pitter patter? Was it love at first sight? Did you smile or laugh when you picked it up? What were you doing when you found your angel and where did you find it? Please fill out the form below telling us your story. Thank you so much!

Tell Us Your Story


I found my angel is Phoenix, AZ while sitting outside on a restaurant patio. I glanced down and noticed something near the flowerpot. I leaned to get a closer look and saw two eyes staring back at me. It was adorable and lifted my spirits. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you! 

Kelly Hayes – Phoenix, AZ

While I was doing my routine stretches before hiking, I found this shiny tin thing and when I opened it I saw a rock person. I didn’t know what I was looking at until I read the note inside. I was laughing so hard people around me started staring but I didn’t care. Pretty cool. Thank you guys.

Bob Monroe Scottsdale, AZ